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Nicole Rodriguez

My hair is very thin, dry & brittle. I am using the Yerba Buena Shampoo & Conditioner and I am already noticing my hair softer and more manageable. Last night I got home, saturated my roots and ends in the rosemary scalp oil. I left it on for a while and then washed it out with the shampoo and conditioner. I finished off by spraying the lavender detangling spray (which smells delish! I swear it even eliminates my babies frizz and leaves his curls beautiful and soft) This morning my hair was manageable and super soft. I didn’t even have to put products in my hair. I wore it natural, something I never do. I’m glad I found rawness beauty products and tried them. It’s certainly not what I am use to and I am not mad about it. Also love the fact that they are environmentally conscious. Going to continue this new journey with you guys! Can’t wait to continue trying all your products. Recommend 100 🤗

Stephanie Gonzalez

Love love love all the products! My hair and skin are radiant and full of life! I can’t imagine life without these products after using so many store bought products that never worked.

Gabriella Mesa

Absolutely love these products! They have helped my hair grow so much and become so strong.

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