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Gentle Feminine wash provides clean, nourishing and can be used daily for genital hygiene. Plant driven ingredients formulated to maintain healthy PH balance. 


How to Use:

Create a soapy lather while you're in the shower to clean the vulva (the outer part of your genitals), groin, and anal area, splashing water around the area to rinse it thoroughly once you're finished. Never put soaps on the inside your vagina, since it is self-cleaning. External use only.

Cranberry Feminine Wash

SKU: 020
  • aqua (distilled water),aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) gel,cocamidopropyl betaine,I-ascorbic acid(vitamin C),glycolic acid,vitamin b3,acetyl hexapeptide 8,green tea extract, lactocococus fermented lysate, glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate,cranberry flavor oil,xanthan gum


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