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Introducing Yerba Buena Shampoo & Conditioner, the perfect solution for those struggling with dandruff. Made with organic, plant-based ingredients, this fragrance-free set of shampoo and conditioner is gentle yet effective.

Key features:

- Organic and plant-based ingredients

- Fragrance-free

- Anti-dandruff formula

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to healthy hair with Yerba Buena Shampoo & Conditioner. Its gentle yet effective formula nourishes the scalp while fighting off dandruff, leaving your hair feeling clean and refreshed.

Formulated without any added fragrances or harsh chemicals, this organic shampoo and conditioner set is perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Say hello to a healthier scalp while enjoying the benefits of natural ingredients.

Invest in your hair's health today by choosing Yerba Buena Shampoo & Conditioner - a natural solution for a common problem that truly works!

A perfectly formulated Strenthening shampoo infused with herbs like chamomile and melon extracts to nourish and revitalize while delivering the benefits of natures theraputic properties. Plant driven ingredients working together to stregthen and repair any damged hair.


How To Use:

Massage desired amount of shampoo to your wet scalp till you get a good lather. Rinse with cool water and follow by using Rawness Beauty Yerba Buena Conditioner

Yerba Buena Shampoo 16 FL. Oz.



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